Read about our 2007 AP students here:
Tascosa AP students learn and earn, Amarillo Globe News, 10/13/07

Advanced Placement is a program of the
College Board. These college level courses are taught by high school teachers to high school students. Research has shown that the four-year graduation rate for college freshmen increases from 50% to 80% for those who participate in one AP course.

An AP Incentive Program™ is a partnership whereby a private donor provides incentives to a school district to increase the number of students passing AP exams.

  • Incentives based on academic results for:


  • Teacher training incentives
  • Pre-AP teacher preparation and support
  • Student support, including tutoring, prep sessions, and summer academies
  • Student exam fees for AP and PSAT® exams
  • Professional program management

From Advanced Placement Strategies.

A student who passes an AP examination has a better chance overall--regardless of ethnicity--of completing a bachelor's degree within 6 years. Data from the Texas APIP demonstrate that combining incentives and teacher education can increase student participation. The APIP program has been successful across gender, ethnicity, and economic groups.
Rising Above the Gathering Storm and the National Center for Educational Accountability.